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Video Transcript:

Hey Zach Crawford here and in this video I’m going to share with you 7 reasons why most people fail to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Now i’m going to give you a fair warning that i’m going to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. There are plenty of people on Youtube who will fluff you up, tell you it’s going to be easy and this is setting you up for failure.

When I started my entrepreneur journey 7 years ago I followed many people like this and I struggled for a long time to ever get results in business because I was always looking to get rich quick and when things seemed hard, I would look for another business to start hoping it’s going to be easier.

I never seen any success until I learned how to think like a strategic entrepreneur. Once I rewired my brain I was able to make over 7 figures in commissions with affiliate marketing and create several other successful businesses as well.

To build a successful business your going to have to believe in yourself, overcome many challenges, be consistent when everyone else wants to quit and your going to have to face your inner demons on a daily basis.

This is why most people will never cut it in business because when things get hard they throw their hands up and quit. If you learn how to change your thinking and focus on what I’m going to share with you in this video you can level up your life and business in a rather short period of time.

So with that being said let’s jump into it and cover the 7 reasons why most people fail to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

1.) They have unrealistic expectations

One of the biggest problems I see when people want to get into affiliate marketing is they think they’re going to make the type of money I do or other people they see making lots of money in just 30 days.

They want to get rich quick and they have no skills, experience or time in the game.

I used to share how much money I make often because I thought it motivated people to see what is possible, but the bad side of sharing my income was people got the wrong idea.

I would have people coming to me saying “Zach I’m going to make $50k in the next 30 days just like you”.

The thing is if your just starting out you should not be trying to make $50,000 in a short period of time. You should be focused on making your first $1, then $100, then $1000 and so on.

This is why I teach people to focus on creating just $3,000 to $5,000 per month because that will take care of most people’s needs and allow them to quit their job and focus on scaling their business up.

When you set these crazy expectations to make huge amounts of money and you’ve never even made your first $1 yet your going to be in for a big let down.

You can’t compare yourself to someone who has been in business for 5-10 years and think your going to duplicate their results in just 30 days. It’s just not possible, I don’t care who tells you it is.

You have to put in the time, dedicate yourself to master the skills necessary to succeed in the business your building, you have to make sacrifices and you have to be obsessed with constantly getting better.

Your not going to going to ever get rich quick. You should be focused on getting rich slowly. I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but that is how a real business is built.

Brick by brick, day by day, year by year, skill by skill. It’s all about getting 1% better daily and over time you become the person you want to be and build the business and life you dream of having.

2.) They’re not willing to invest in themselves

This is another huge problem I see with people trying to start an affiliate marketing business.

Is it true you can start affiliate marketing for free? Yes, but your going to have to invest a ton of time to make up the difference.

Every business you get into is going to have an operating cost and your going to be investing money upfront without a return for a while.

There isn’t a single business model you can get into that you can avoid investing money. If you got into an offline business your going to invest $100,000 just to get the doors open.

If you get into a physical products business your going to invest several thousand dollars in inventory for your product before knowing if the product is going to sell.

I see so many people trying to cut corners and they complain over having to spend money to make money.

I see people thinking everyone selling a course on how to make money with a specific business model is a scammer. They want everyone to give them all the answers for free and spoon feed them the information.

I once had someone come to me and say they love my affiliate program and they think it’s amazing, but they wanted me to give them my course for free because they’re in a bad spot.

So basically they wanted to be able to sell my products to make money from them, but they didn’t want to invest a single dollar in themselves. In other words they think people should buy products from them and give them money, but they want things for free.

This type of thinking is not going to work if you want to be an entrepreneur.

The reality is your going to have to make sacrifices and invest in yourself if you want to be successful.

If you don’t know my story I was $50,000 in debt from a drunk driver hitting me and I was investing every single spare penny I had into courses trying to figure out how to change my situation.

I was in a tough spot, but I didn’t care and I was willing to sacrifice everything I had to be successful.

When I moved to the Philippines I was living dirt cheap so I could invest every spare penny I made back into my business.

In the early days I was doing freelance work for other businesses and investing whatever spare cash I had left over into learning how to grow my affiliate marketing business.

Most people want something for nothing. They want to make a lot of money, but they want to invest very little if no money to get the result.

I see people all the time buying the cheaper tools they need to run their business or trying to learn 100% for free because they refuse to invest in a course to learn from someone who has achieved the results they want.

When you have this scarcity mindset and you’re afraid to invest money into your business it’s going to cost you a lot of time in return.

You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time. I value my time a thousand times more than I value money.

When I was broke I invested money into my business and now every year I spend at least $10,000 on my marketing education minimum. This year alone I will have spent around $60,000.

If you want to make the big bucks you need to value investing into yourself and your business to get better and master the skills so you can create the life you want.

With affiliate marketing you can get started on a budget, but keep in mind you have to be willing to invest a lot more time to get the business making a profit.


3.) They’re not willing to do the work


So I just talked about people not willing to invest money and if you’re not willing to invest money then you have to invest your time.

However, most people are not willing to do the work either.

I see so many people who don’t have work ethic. They’re looking for ways to make lots of money without investing much of their time.

They would rather watch Netflix, play video games and focus on having fun all the time.

To build a business you’re going to have to make many sacrifices and that means doing the opposite of what 99% of people do with their life.

If you think being a millionaire is about driving lamborghinis, living in mansions and traveling the world full time to post selfies of you on the beach on your Instagram this is why you’re failing.

Most millionaires don’t drive super cars, live in mansions, spend all their money on things and spend all their time flexing online trying to convince people they’re successful.

Successful people are busy creating and working their ass off to build and grow their empire.

They actually love business and their goal is to make a difference and impact in other people’s lives and they don’t view the work they do as work.

You have to love business to be successful at business.

I remember years ago when I was broke as a joke in the Philippines and I was working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and I wasn’t complaining.

I knew since I had very little money to invest and I was in massive debt I was going to need to work my ass off to get what I wanted.

Hard work is the minimum entry to the club. If you’re trying to look for easy methods and you don’t want to give up your fun time to master the skills and build your affiliate marketing business then your probably not cut out for business.

I know this may be hard to hear, but business is not meant for the weak and lazy. Your not going to make millions of dollars on the internet like I have just working a few hours here and there.

You have to want this bad and be willing to do whatever it takes and learn to love the process because creating a successful business takes hard work, commitment, consistency and the obsession to constantly get 1% better for the rest of your life.

This is a lifestyle not something you do in your spare time as a hobby.


4.) They’re not focused on mastering skills


One of the hardest lessons I had to learn in business is that when I’m focused on making money, I almost never make money.

If you want to make money in any business it’s simply and exchange of value. So in other words, if you want to make money you have to get that money from someone else.

To get money the person giving you the money must see more value in what they’re buying than the money they’re exchanging.

When you truly understand this you understand that to make lots of money you must add a lot of value to the world.

You must focus on acquiring skills that will allow you to acquire money.

What really made the shift for me in business was realizing to make lots of money I needed to solve a big problem. The bigger problems I solve for other people the more money I would make.

In affiliate marketing you don’t always have to be the person who solves the problem or fulfills the desire someone is looking for.

With affiliate marketing your simply bridging the gap and helping people find the solution to their problem, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need skills to do that.

From day one I’ve focused on mastering one skill at a time.

In my early years I got good at blogging, search engine optimization and creating websites.

Then from there I learned how to communicate effectively through video because I realized it’s a much better channel to deliver my message and to build trust.

Then from there I started learning how to do webinars, copywriting and persuasion.

Then from there I started learning phone sales and paid advertising.

I’ve made millions of dollars online and i’m still obsessed with learning new skills and getting better at the skills I’ve already learned.

If you want to make a lot of money online you can’t just work hard, it’s not enough to succeed. Working hard is a minimum requirement.

You have to be hungry to learn, get better, add value to people’s lives and level up your thinking.

When I got into business I thought it was all about having the lifestyle and being able to spend money on expensive things and not care about the cost.

Once I started making lots of money I realized my true passion, happiness and enjoyment came from leveling up my skills and creating.

Building your affiliate marketing business is going to be just like playing basketball. If your the person who just wants the fame, the trophies and people to think your awesome then your probably not going to go far.

If your the person who thrives on getting better, practicing daily and you truly love to play the game then you will be the one who is at the top of your game.

The competition in business is getting fierce. I’m not telling you this to scare you or make you not want to start your affiliate marketing business.

It’s actually a good thing if you look at it the right way. Business is becoming saturated with more and more people jumping into the arena every single day trying to kill their 9 to 5.

However, it’s filled with 99% mediocre people just putting in the minimum amount of work hoping to get rich.

If your willing to dedicate yourself to mastering the skills, you’re willing to work through the obstacles and you have have no plan B you can get filthy rich over the next few years.


5.) They’re not focused on building assets


I love affiliate marketing and it’s one of my favorite business models because you can make a lot of money and it’s rather stress free.

With that being said to be able to stand out and make a lot of money you still need to treat it like a real business.

That means building assets like a personal brand, a website, social media channels and an email list of potential customers you can stay in contact with.

Most affiliate marketers just want to hide behind their computer and send people to a sales page and they expect to get rich. This worked 5 years ago, but in 2019 if you want to thrive in this business model or any business then you have to treat this like a real business.

You have to be focused on helping people and adding value to their lives first before expecting money to be exchanged.

That means creating a personal brand so people know, like and trust you.

You have to be creating content that answers their problems and delivers goodwill upfront before leading them to a product they can purchase.

You should be creating an email list of people interested in your niche topic that you can consistently follow up with to add more value and make more offers for products they can purchase from you.

If your not focused on building a community and serving your market you will get buried by people who actually love what they do and are focused on establishing themselves as the expert in that niche.

A reliable business is built on repeat customers not one time affiliate sales.

Most people fear competition and want everything to be easy. If your willing to do the work this makes your job incredibly easy because 99% of people are not even going to attempt any of the things I just mentioned.

When your willing to serve and help your audience and your building content to speak to their problems and desires your going to be building a reliable business that is going to be around 5-10 years from now.

If your the person just focused on getting sales you won’t be able to compete that is just the reality.


6.) They Try To Do & Learn Everything On Their Own

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to do and learn everything on their own.

This kind of goes back to point number 2 on not willing to invest, but I also see people who just can’t drop their ego because they think they have all the answers.

Trying to do things on your own is just stupid. You don’t know what you don’t know.

I think college for the most part is a joke unless your going for a specific profession like a doctor or lawyer, but there is a reason you go through college and pre-med to become a doctor.

Your not going to wake up and decide to be a brain surgeon and perform surgery. The same goes with building a successful business.

When you try to do everything on your own your going to make a lot of mistakes and your going to waste years of your time trying to piece things together.

If you want to get success in any business you need to find a mentor who has achieved the results you want and listen and do what they say.

This means you truly have to drop your ego and be willing to step outside your comfort zone and do exactly what they say.

I come across so many people who come to me for help and when I tell them exactly what to do they don’t want to do it because they think it’s too hard or it will make them uncomfortable.

For years I was like this and I was moron. I caused myself years of success because I thought I could figure it out on my own and do things my way.

When I would buy courses or find a mentor I only wanted to do the parts I wanted to do, but eventually I realized there is a reason they’re successful and I’m not.

Once I found a mentor who wouldn’t tolerate my BS he helped me excel very fast.

He would tell me Zach this week your going to do a webinar. I had no clue how to do a webinar, what to say or even how to set it up. I would tell him that and he would reply with “Zach, you know how to use Google and Youtube right?”.

This same mentor made me do videos, launch my first coaching program, do livestreams and many other things I didn’t want to do before I was ready. If I didn’t do what he said he would fire me as a client.

He taught me that success means dropping your ego and being humble. I had to learn to listen to someone who walked the path before me and stop thinking I had the answers when I had no clue what the hell I was doing.

So if your the person trying to do things on the cheap or you think you have all the answers i’m telling you right now that you’re costing yourself lots of pain, frustration and lost time.

By trying to save money or trying to do things on your own you’re actually costing yourself thousands or even millions of dollars in opportunity cost.

A good mentor can shave years off your learning curve and they can help you to figure exactly what you need to change and what you need to do to get the result you want.


7.) They don’t focus on one thing at a time


The reason people are not able to build a successful affiliate marketing business is because they don’t know how to focus on thing at a time.

We live in a society where our attention span is like 3 seconds and we want instant gratification.

Most people are focused only on the short term and they don’t think about the long term.

The average person will choose fun, exciting and the pleasurable experience today without giving any thought to how that will impact their future.

When you consistently choose easy, fast, simple and look for loopholes your setting yourself up for a painful future of struggle and disappointments.

People often say only 1% succeed and it’s 100% true. Only 1% succeed because only 1% are willing to focus, master the skills and work through the challenges.

There isn’t a single business model you will find that doesn’t have problems, frustrations and obstacles you must work your way through.

There isn’t a single successful person you will see who started a business or bought a course and was successful in just a few weeks.

Most people jump from one opportunity to the next looking for something easier and the truth is it’s never going to be easy.

When I tell people to focus on one product to promote, one traffic source and do that for one year they look at me like I’ve lost my marbles.

They’re like but Zach I was watching Gary Vee and he says I need to hustle on every platform or I was watching so and so and they told me if I don’t this i’m missing the biggest opportunity this year and I will be sorry later.

Look, everyone thinks what they think is the way to do things. The grass is going to be greener where you water it.

You can pretty much turn any business into a million dollar a year business.

You can pretty much take any traffic source or social media channel and create a million dollar business.

You can pretty much scale any product to a million dollars.

You don’t need 50 and if you can’t build one successful business or sell one product successfully what makes you think you can do 5?

This is madness and if you want to create a successful affiliate marketing business you need to shut out all distractions and learn to focus.

This means killing to idea of starting another business, stop following 50 people who will distract you and try to sell you the next best thing and stop trying to do 5 social media platforms at once.

This is a recipe for disaster and your never going to gain traction.

Focus on making one thing work successfully and you can always add number two to the mix later.

Focus and commitment to what your building in my opinion is the number #1 skill you can learn as an entrepreneur.

Almost no one has focus these days because they’re distracted with social media, but when you learn to focus you will dominate your industry and have almost no competition because your competitors are too busy being distracted and multi tasking.

The most important thing to understand: 

Alright, that is a wrap for the 7 reasons, but I want to leave you with something to think about.

If your building an affiliate marketing business you need to realise your not running a sprint your running a marathon.

Don’t compare yourselves to other people farther ahead of you and think to yourself I can’t be like them and just quit and give up.

If you were ever an athlete then you know to get good you have to practice and practice and get just 1% better every single day. You’re not competing with anyone except yourself.

Get honest with yourself and ask what mistakes am I making? How can I get better? Who do I need to learn from? What areas do I need to focus on consistently to grow my business and as a person?

When you constantly focus on self improvement and bettering yourself and not worrying about what other people are doing or how far ahead they’re compared to you then you will inch closer and closer to your goal.

In life your only competitor is yourself and your goal should be to get just 1% better daily.

With that being said I hope you got value from this video. Make sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think? I want to thank you for taking the time to watch and make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Take care and I will see you in the next video.