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Blogging has consistently been one of my best traffic sources, income producers and ways to build an audience.

This blog you’re currently reading was a big factor in helping me make my first million dollars online.

Blogging isn’t something that will make you money overnight, but in my opinion it’s one of the best ways to build a reliable income online and it’s a leveraged asset.

Blogging allows you to do the work once and keep reaping the rewards over and over again. I have blog posts that send me leads and sales every single day.

Blogging is one of the most underrated methods today to create passive income. Even though I love social media and think it’s a great way to build your business- you don’t own social media and at any moment you can get shut down.

With a blog it’s an asset you own, control and it will keep sending you traffic and sales of your products for years to come if you put in the work.

That is why in my opinion everyone should be using a blog for their business.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

In this detailed blog post I’m going to be sharing with you the best ways to start making money with a blog so you can decide which method sounds like something you would like to pursue.

I won’t be covering how to setup a blog, but I did create a detailed step-by-step tutorial here
on how to start a blog and if you would rather someone setup the blog for you then you can
check out my free service here + get $1,790 in bonuses.

Before we jump into how to make money with a blog I want to talk about the most important thing….

It’s About Your Visitors Not You!

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to monetize their blog from day one.

They setup a blog, slap a bunch of ugly banners on the side hoping to get an affiliate commission and all of their content is geared towards selling.

Not only is this a horrible strategy to make money blogging, but it’s also not the best use of your time.

There are two things that matter when creating a successful blog:

1.) Building your audience (getting traffic to your blog)

2.) Generating leads (building an email list)

I will cover more on the email list building part and it’s importance later….. for now let’s focus on step 1.

Without an audience you can’t sell anything.

In order to sell your products you need to gain the “TRUST” of your readers. Without that, good luck!

How do you gain trust?

The most important part to building a successful blog is attracting people interested in your niche topic. In order to do that you need to create high quality content that speaks to your ideal customer.

Most people naturally want to write content about how awesome their product is, why people should buy it and they just want to make a sale.

However you need to focus 80% of your efforts on creating content that attracts your ideal customer and 20% of the time you can sell.

If you don’t know what type of content to create to attract your ideal customer I wrote a detailed post on what to blog about here.

Almost all of your content should be focused on solving the problems your ideal customer is struggling with.

When you create lots of high quality content that delivers value to your ideal customer the selling part is almost effortless.

When you try to pitch your readers in every post then it becomes very hard to convince them to make a purchase.

You want to create content that will make people subscribe to your email list to get more information and share on social media to help grow your following bigger.

The most important thing is your content should show empathy for your reader so they feel like you understand them and can help them solve their problems.

When you focus your efforts on becoming a damn good problem solver your blog will grow and making money is a natural part of the process.

Money is easy to make when you’re a damn good problem solver!

Focus On Creating 1000 True Fans

There is a big misconception most newbie bloggers have…

They think they need to be an expert or they need a massive audience to make a lot of money online and this is the farthest thing from the truth.

You want to focus on building your “tribe” of 1000 true fans who know you, like you and trust you. This is based off of Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans principle.

To summarize Kelly’s principle you only need 1000 true fans to create a full time income. A true fan will follow you everywhere you go, buy everything you put out and they will tell their friends about you.

A perfect example of this is “Apple” with their Iphone.

Every time a new Iphone is released people literally sleep outside the store overnight to make sure they’re one of the first people to get the phone. Most of these people own the previous years model, but they love Apple so much they buy everything they release.

Note: I’m an apple fan boy and I have at least $15,000 in Apple products in my office as I type this.

Now I realize you’re not Apple and the focus of this blog post is not to be a billion dollar company. We are focused on making your first $100,000 with a blog correct?

Well when I had my first 2000 email subscribers I was making between $20,000-$40,000 per month online.

Divide 2000/2 = 1000 subscribers and that means I was making more than a six figure yearly income with just 1000 people.

I’m not some special person either. One of my students Steve Howell did $100,000 with just 1000 subscribers.
Steve Howell To make things simple you just need to find your 1000 true fans online who love you and offer them a $100 product.

The best part is these true fans will keep buying products from you for months even years to come if you treat them well. I have customers who have purchased products from me for 6 years straight.

So the important lesson for you to understand is that you just need a small pocket of people to like you and you can make a full time income.

I’m hoping you can see this is possible if you’re willing to put in the work. I mean after all the internet is a pretty big place is it not?

Now that you understand the most important aspect to making money with a blog is building a loyal audience(1000 fans) we can now move onto the different ways to monetize a blog…

How To Make Money Blogging

Before I jump into how to get people to your blog I will cover how to make money with your blog.

The most important lesson to understand when making money online is not making a sale.

It’s collecting the persons email address.


Simple… people usually won’t buy the first time they’re exposed to you.

They don’t know you, like you or trust you.

When someone goes to your blog and they don’t make a purchase they probably will never come back.

When you build your email list with an email auto responder like Convertkit you can continue to followup with the person to build the relationship and gain their trust.

Once you build a strong relationship with your email subscribers you will be able to make a lot more money than just a one time sale.

Once you gain their trust you can continue to recommend your own products, affiliate products or services to continue to help them along on their journey.

By collecting the persons email over just trying to make a sale you will convert more of your readers into customers and repeat customers.

This is how you make money month after month, year after year and create a real long term reliable business with a blog.

In the past I’ve had people on my email list for over 6 months before deciding to make a purchase. They continued reading my content and my emails and eventually when it was the right time for them to buy they made a purchase.

Some of these people even purchased products $1000 + for their very first purchase. That will never happen without building trust first.

The odds of selling a high ticket service without the person knowing you is very low.

If I would have focused all my efforts on selling people immediately I estimate I would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years.

Most people just wont buy right away.

So the important lesson here is to always focus on getting the email over the immediate sale.

This is what the process looks like:

1.) You offer some type of free gift in exchange for the email.  This can be an ebook, free email course or a free video.

Here is one of my free training courses I offer for someone to give me their email.

blog free gift

2.) Once they give me their email they get the free training course delivered to their inbox instantly. One lesson goes out each day.


This is what the whole process looks like below.

I get traffic from my blog, I offer something for free, I deliver the free gift over a 3-7 day time frame and I make sales and I can continue to build the relationship with the reader for years to come.

blog sales funnel

By doing this extra step like this you will make 10x more money than just linking to a product in a blog post.

I know this may seem overwhelming if you’re new, but I believe anyone who is serious about building a full time income online can learn how to do this just like I did. I break it down step-by-step in my free eCourse.

Now that you understand how important it is to build an email list to make money with your blog I want to show you the different ways you can make money online.

The Three Best Ways To Make Money Blogging

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money online is with affiliate marketing.

I made my first six figures online promoting affiliate products and to this present day I’ve made over $1 million in commissions with affiliate marketing. (This is not including my own products.)

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting someone else’s products or services.

You get an individual affiliate link that is registered to you and when you refer someone to a product you will get a percentage of the sale.

This is one the best ways to get started if you’re new and don’t already have a product or service of your own.

You can find affiliate products in just about any industry.

If you focus on creating content to attract your audience and build your email list you can monetise your blog by promoting affiliate products.

This is a great way to learn how to market online and make money while doing it. This is how I got started and this is my #1 recommendation for anyone new who doesn’t already have their own product.

The important part is to only promote products you truly believe in and know your customer will get value from. It only takes one bad product recommendation to burn the relationship you spent so much time working on to build.

I personally only promote products or services I use myself and I know they will help my customers. If not I simply will not put my stamp of approval on them.

When promoting affiliate products my suggestion is to focus on promoting recurring products or high ticket products.

When you promote recurring products you just need to sell the product once and you keep getting paid month after month.

My all time favorite products to promote is big ticket products of $1000 +.

It doesn’t take a lot of big ticket sales to make $100,000 a year as a blogger.

If you’re just getting started with a blog I would start with affiliate marketing.

Once you understand how to drive traffic, build an audience and make sales of someone else’s products then you might want to move on to method #2.

Make Money Selling Your Own Products or Services

Once you have a little experience I suggest you sell your own products and services because it’s more profitable.

With your own products you can even recruit affiliates to help promote your products.

When I first started online I only promoted other peoples products and I focused on creating content to help my audience.

As time went on I started listening to their feedback and they would tell me what they struggled with the most and what they desired to learn.

I then started creating information products to solve those problems and I also created services to help them with the technical aspects of the business.

Depending on your industry you may want to create either digital or physical products of your own.

Once you get your feet wet and you know your industry is profitable it’s worth the extra effort to create your own products so you get 100% of the money.

Also, if you’re really focused on helping your audience they will request for you to create products for them just like what happened to me.

I never desired to create my own products or coaching programs, but my audience kept asking and I realized the demand was there. (something to think about)

Make Money With Coaching And Consulting

One of the best ways to create your own products is to offer coaching.
I never planned to get into coaching.

Once I started blogging and sharing what I was doing with my businesses people started reaching out to me asking if I would work with them personally.

I had no idea how profitable coaching is and how rewarding it can be when you can help other people.

If you have experience in your niche industry and people are actively searching for a mentor, I would suggest to start here.

Coaching is one of the easiest ways to make a six figure income with only working with a handful of clients.

If you want to create your own products I would suggest to start with doing coaching so you can work 1 to 1 with your clients to figure out what they need help with.

I learned how to create information products by working 1 to 1 with my customers to figure out what they struggled with and I learned how to teach in a step-by-step format from the questions they asked me.

Not only is coaching a very profitable business, but it gives you feedback on your teaching style in real time so you can make sure you understand your target customer before creating an information product to serve hundred’s or thousand’s of customers.

Learn To Make Money Blogging Step-By-Step

Blogging is a great a way to build your brand, grow your audience and make money online.

This blog post just covered the basics of how to make money blogging and if you want to learn how to build a profitable blog then grab my course below which will go into more detail and walk you step-by-step through the whole process.