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One of the biggest things people ask me on a consistent basis is how to get traffic to their blog.
The next question is usually… what is the best traffic source?

So in this detailed blog post I’m going to be showing you how to get traffic to your website based on your individual niche and we will be focus on your personal strengths.

The first thing to understand is that there is no cookie cutter way to get traffic for everyone.

The second thing to understand is that almost all traffic sources work when you focus on mastering them… so there is no best traffic source.

With those two things out of the way let’s jump in…

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog By Betting On Your Strengths

I see two big mistakes when someone tries to promote their website or blog:

1.) They try to increase their website traffic on a platform because “insert name of random guru” told them it’s the best platform.

2.) They try to be on every platform and become a jack of all trades.

The first thing to understand is that you have to pick a platform you can see yourself creating content consistently for a long period of time.

If you don’t like the idea of doing a podcast and you’re not excited about doing it then you will burn out fast and give up.

If you hate being on video then it doesn’t matter if I tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread you’re going to struggle to make it work.

You have to bet on your strengths and build on the platform you are most excited about and committed to get better at daily.

I love video, I think everyone should be doing video, but if you feel like you’re pulling teeth to shoot one video, you’re better off focusing on mastering Instagram if you love the platform.

The second thing to understand is you’re a one man/woman band when you first get started. You can’t be everywhere regardless what jackass told you that you can be.

Most people create one piece of content and then just syndicate it across multiple platforms and wonder why their marketing isn’t working.

People on Instagram respond different than Youtube. People on Facebook respond different than forums.

Get my drift?

It’s best to pick 1 or 2 platforms and master them.

You will need to spend time to stay updated on what is working, what changes are being made and to make your content better.

It’s impossible to do this on 5 + platforms unless you build a team to help you.

So go “All In” on 1 or 2 platforms and become the best. You will get 10x better results increasing your website traffic by doing things this way.

Now that I got that off my chest let’s talk about the different options that you have to generate traffic to your website or blog.

How To Promote Your Website With Youtube:

How To Get Website Traffic With Youtube
My #1 recommendation to get traffic is Youtube.

I’ve been using Youtube for years and at one point I had 20 channels I was managing.

I love Youtube because I think video is the best way to build an audience and make sales.

With that being said video was terrifying for me and I spent 1 year blogging without ever doing a video because I was afraid to put myself on camera.

Once I finally did videos my income blew up. (enough said)

With Youtube there are many different ways you can do videos, but these are the video types I suggest.

1.) How to’s and tutorials.

These are the type of videos usually showing a demonstration of a product or how to do something.

These types of videos can be actually demonstrating the product or just talking to the camera on a topic people are trying to learn.

You can see a lot of my videos are focused around this type of video.

how to youtube videos

2.)  Product reviews

This video type is focused on getting sales. Targeting things like “product name review”, “product A Vs product B”, “is (name of product” good?”, etc.

These types of searches are one of the fastest ways to get sales for your products and that is why in my early days of blogging I focused heavily on them.

You can see here an old product I promoted and I created several videos to rank in Youtube search reviewing the product.

youtube product reviews

3.) Videos for your tribe 

These types of videos the customer is not yet ready to purchase, but they’re in learning mode and actively consuming content in their niche.

These videos are meant to build goodwill and to share valuable tips with your niche audience.

These videos are very useful to further your relationship with your current followers so when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of mind and the person they trust to buy from.

These videos are kind of like how to’s, but they can be very general or broad topics. They also can be topics that are not directly searched for.

With that being said when I make a video on a topic that isn’t directly searched for on Youtube I try to add search phrases(keywords) related to my niche to help new people discover the video.

Examples: Tips for beginner affiliate marketers, Lifestyle Design, Blogging tops, etc

You can see a video I did years ago with the keyword lifestyle design. I didn’t make the video to be discovered in search. I created the video for my current subscribers because they wanted to know how I could afford to live in the Philippines.

I made sure to add a few keywords I knew people search for like “lifestyle design” because that would give me an opportunity for new people to discover my content.

information videos

4.) Paid Youtube Ads

Now a 4th method is to actually use paid Youtube ads.

youtube ads to get website traffic
Right now Youtube ads are one of my favorite paid traffic sources for a few reasons:

1.) You can boost your videos to help them get traction when you’re just starting your channel.
When you first start your channel it will take a while to build traction, but with paid ads you can get people watching them today to help you build subscribers, get leads or even make sales.

2.) With Youtube ads if you turn the ad off you can still get traffic.
With something like Facebook ads once you turn the ad off people stop seeing your video.
With Youtube if you send traffic to one of your videos, if it starts to rank organically because of the views the video can continue sending you free traffic.

How To Increase Website Traffic With Google:

Most people I see these days want to skip straight to paid traffic before they understand how to convert free traffic.

I personally think this is a big mistake and foolish for a few reasons:

1.) If you have no experience with selling anything then you’re going to have a tough time converting paid ads.

You need to understand how to use sales funnels, how to position the product you’re trying to sell and you need to be good with email marketing.

This is why it’s my belief everyone should start with free traffic not paid.

2.) Not using free traffic like Google is playing the short game.

What do I mean by short game?

Simple, most people are just arbitraging their business by purchasing traffic. The goal is to make more money than you spend.

My problem with this is that you’re not building a long term asset like you do with a blog. If you’re smart you will be building an email list, but once you turn off the ads the traffic stops.

With something like Google or Youtube you create the content once and it can keep generating you traffic, leads and sales for years to come.

I literally have content on this blog I created years ago that sends me leads and sales to this day. That is the definition of real passive income my friend.

To get traffic with Google you need to create content around things people in your niche are searching for.

Now I go into detail on this in my blog post called what to blog about?

However, the basics are finding search phrases people are actively searching for on Google  just like this blog post “How To Get Website Traffic“.

When creating your content you need to optimize the H1, H2 and H3 tags with variations of your keyword.

You do this by clicking the paragraph drop down illustrated in the image below labeled (1).

You can also see below in (2) that I used a variation of the keyword in a H2 tag to help Google know what this blog post is about which will help with rankings.

search engine optimization

This process is called search engine optimization. To be specific this is on-page SEO which means you’re optimizing your content to help Google know what your blog post is about.

There is also a process called off-page SEO which I used to spend a lot of my time years ago doing, but these days I find it more valuable to create lots of content and use social media to drive traffic.

I’m not going to go into extreme detail on SEO on this post, but I will cover it in another post on the blog.

My favorite method for getting traffic to my blog is combining method 1(Youtube) and method 2(Google).

I first create a video then I have it transcribed to put on my blog. This is simply the process of typing out what you said in the video.

You can do this yourself or use a service like or to find a transcriber.

By adding the text to your blog post with the video it gives you more chances to show up in Google.

Get Traffic To Your Blog With Forums:

forum traffic
A very underrated method to generate traffic is forums.

Forums are one of the most passionate places people hangout in any niche.

In my niche a place called the Warrior Forum is where people hangout and talk endlessly about internet marketing and every micro niche in between. This forum gets millions of visits every month.

warrior forum
With forum marketing you need to come from a place of value.

Find threads(topics) you have a little knowledge about, answer questions and become a well known member of the community.

You can drive 100’s of members(people) from the forum daily back to your website if you’re actively posting and you become a valued member of the community.

You do this by placing what is called a signature link in your bio and every time you post people can see your link. You can link to your website or a squeeze page to collect the email.

signature link
You need to understand that if you want this method to work you need to be consistent and actually help people by sharing tips and answering questions.

If you leave low quality posts then you will not get people interested in visiting your website.

I used to drive 100’s of visitors to my site daily from writing content on this vary forum when I started.

Get Website Visitors With Social Media:

social media traffic
Now I’m not going to go into extreme detail on this one because you need to pick a social platform you love and ideally a platform your audience spends time on.

My personal recommendations are:

Instagram- Right now I think Instagram is one of the best platforms for many niches.

Instagram is great because it’s visual and you can even use short videos.

It’s a great place to deliver value to your audience and then you link to your website from your bio or you can use the stories feature and tell people to swipe up to visit your website if you have 10,000 followers.

Currently, my main focus is Youtube and Google because I run several Youtube channels, but my next focus will be Instagram.

Pinterest- This platform is so underrated it’s not even funny.

If your audience is women and not just men then Pinterest is the bomb. If you didn’t know women spend more money in the household than men.

Not to mention Pinterest is a platform driven by content and you can link directly to your blog post, affiliate products or a sales page.

I’m currently building out my content marketing team to expand to Pinterest to drive traffic back to every piece of content I create.

Now there are many different platforms you can choose when it comes to social media, but those are my favorite when it comes to blogging and getting traffic back to your site.

Once again my suggestion is to pick one and master it. You can not master many platforms at once without help.

Now we’ve talked about traffic sources I want to show you how I shortcut my process to get website traffic without having to do all the hard work myself.

How To Increase Your Website Traffic- Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

reverse engineering
Once i’ve decided on a few traffic sources I will use for my blog, I like to look at what other successful people in my niche have already done.

I’ve got a confession… I tend to be a lazy wanker at times and if I can go from step A to step Z and eliminate hard work, you can damn well guarantee I’m going to take the shortcut to get the result fast.

The first step is to find the top 5 competitors on the traffic source I want to master and build my blog on so I can reverse engineer their hard work.

The second step I take is to go to to look at where my competitors are getting traffic from.

You can see here I’m looking at someone’s site in the website hosting niche and they get 188,000 visitors per month to their blog.

similar web website traffic
If we scroll down the page a bit we can see that 83% of the traffic comes from the search engines.

similar web traffic stats

If we look a little deeper we can see what social platforms this website is getting traffic from.

similar web social stats
Now similar web provides you with decent data to get you started with a free account, but you will want to dig a little deeper.

My next step is to use a tool call which allows you to track your keyword rankings in Google, look at competitors sites and you can find their content that is ranking.

Note: You can use a free trial for this to start, but I suggest getting a paid account to really dig deep and find content you can create and rank for as well. I usually just pay for 1 month at a time, find tons of content ideas, then I cancel it until I need more ides for fresh content.

As you can see here I plugged in the same website and I can see all of his content that is ranking and for what keywords. However on a free account you will be limited.
rankings I usually repeat this process for the top 5 competitors and I note down all of their keywords and links to their content that is ranking.

This gives me ideas to create content myself.

Now the next step is focused on Youtube, but it’s the same regardless what traffic source you’re using.

You want to find the top competitors and then look at what content they’re creating, what topics the content is about and then make your own version.

It’s really that simple! Your competitors did the hard work for you by figuring out what works in your niche and what your audience cares about.

For Youtube I find a competitor by searching a general keyword term like “how to create a website”.

search phrase on youtube

Then I will click on the persons channel and then select videos.

youtube traffic
From there I will select the drop down and select “most popular” videos and this will display their videos that went viral and got tons of views.

popular videos
You want to do this process for the top 5 competitors and make a list of all their popular videos. I do this with google drive and create a spread sheet. Google drive is free to use.

Now it just comes down to creating the videos around popular videos you found and then you can link to your website in the description like the image below.

link to website

Wrapping It Up!

Getting traffic to your website comes down to “FOCUS”.

Pick your platform and decide that you will commit to mastery because 99% of your competitors don’t do this. Most people are a jack of all trades and master of none.

Once you master one platform and start getting consistent traffic, start thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to help you manage your workflow so you can expand to other platforms.

If you enjoyed this post I would recommend you grab my free course below on how to start a profitable blog where I dive deeper into what you need to focus on to build a successful blog and  turn blogging into a full time business to replace your day job.